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Skjold Møller
December 2008

Loads exerted by granular materials in horizontal bins. 

The aim of developing this new method for calculating the load exerted by granular materials on retaining walls in horizontal bins was to create a better agreement between theory and practice.

By comparing with other methods of calculation this one gives the best approximation to the real wall load. The properties of the stored material, height of wall, width of building and amount of filling are considerd. By that secure and not overdimensioned buildings can be designed. Which gives the possibility of cheaper buildings.

Horizontal or shallow bins are buildings, where the distance between opposite walls is greater than the height of the walls. These building are horizontal silos, halls and other on floor bulk stores.

The granular materials to be stored are grain, seed, forage, wood pellets, splinter, fertilizer, salt, coal, sand, gravel and similar bulk solids.

The method of determining the load on retaining walls is based on earth pressure theory, experience from practice, theoretical development and full scale and model tests.

Background, documentation og formulars are given in the paper: 

Væglast fra kornede materialer i lave lagerbygninger.